Our worship experience is wholly dependent on the presence of the Holy Spirit and incorporates a high level of worshipper participation. Personal testimonies and witnesses are presented with heartfelt honesty.

Grand Avenue Temple’s Sunday morning worship service finds a balance of tradition and the unexpected. The praise band, Revelation,  offers a blend of contemporary music with traditional hymns. Pastor D’s weekly message serves as an inspiration to help each listener find a closer relationship to God and share your love for Christ.

Joys and Concerns, Prayer Requests

At Grand Avenue Temple, an atmosphere of acceptance and love is present throughout worship. Members and guests freely express any joys and concerns they might be experiencing. Prayer requests are brought forward with humility and received with grace. Varied stories, needs and gifts are shared by all, regardless of their current living situation or past life. It is an enriched worship experience for all present. We like to call it a “little slice of Heaven on earth.”

Prayer requests are gathered weekly and individually prayed over at the weekly prayer meeting. E-mail your prayer requests to prayer@grandavenuetempleumc.org

Offering Gifts to God

One’s offering to God can take on many forms. A good many of Grand Avenue Temple’s community members are unable to make financial contributions. Their gifts are often presented in a more non-traditional form to the “Jesus Jar.” While ushers collect the offering, individuals come forward to put their ‘junk’ in the “Jesus Jar,” lovingly redeeming  trash, such as nails or screws found on the streets, that may make the City less safe.

Grand Avenue Temple dedicates time during each Sunday morning worship service to provide an opportunity for worshippers to offer an artistic gift. These gifts are often in the form of song, poetry, scripture reading. Any expression that praises God is acceptable. This is a most blessed time during worship and all who experience it are uplifted spiritually.

 Sunday Worship Schedule

Gospel Talk Adult Sunday School: 8:30-9:30 AM
Worship Service: 10:00-11:00 AM
The Sacrament of Holy Communion: Celebrated the 1st Sunday of each month during the 10AM worship service. The Lord’s Supper is open to all persons, regardless of membership.

If you are unable to attend on a given Sunday morning, please join Grand Avenue Temple worship on Facebook Live.