What’s Happening

Regular Weekly Activities

7:00AM-8:00AM – Sojourner Community FREE Breakfast
8:30AM-9:30AM – Gospel Talk Adult Bible Study
10:00AM-11:30AM – Worship Experience (Holy Communion on 1st Sunday of month)
11:30AM-1:00PM – Lazarus Table Community Meal
12:00PM-3:00PM – Sojourner Free Health Clinic
12:30PM-3:00PM – “SMIILE” Free Dental Clinic (2nd Sunday of month)
Monday thru Friday
12:00PM-1:00PM – Downtown Nooners AA Meeting
4:30PM-6:00PM – Music Ministry Rehearsal – Join Us! (click HERE to see a performance)

5:00PM-6:45PM – Divorce Support Group (by appointment, call church to register)
6:45PM-8:00PM – Weekly Prayer Meeting, all are invited to attend and participate!

9:30AM-11:00AM – Music Ministry Rehearsal
11:30AM-1:00PM – Lazarus Table Community Meal
11:30AM-1:00PM – Lazarus FREE Clothing Boutique

Upcoming Special Events
June 23, 6:00PM – Dennis Blessman Memorial Dinner
June 29 – Pastor Tina Harris’ 1st Anniversary!