Grand Avenue Temple’s Historic Opus 190, designed and built by the Ernest Skinner Company, is a unique gem in a marvelous setting. Ernest Skinner was regarded as the premier organ builder of his time and, indeed, the most prominent American builder of his day. Skinner’s organs were characterized by excellent craftsmanship, great warmth of tone and a lush romantic sound.
Grand Avenue Temple’s Opus 190 has 2,886 pipes and 4-manuals designed and crafted by Skinner himself. It is a medium-sized organ, spanning the entire 70 foot wall of the sanctuary. The instrument is unique in that it is the only Skinner organ to have survived in an unaltered state and, therefore, admired across the globe for its singularity.
You can hear this magnificent organ in a recorded 1995 performance by renowned composer and organist Frederick Hohman.
Louis Vierne (1870-1937) / from Organ Symphony No. 3 in F#, Opus 28 [1912]: V — Final