You can literally own a piece of Grand Avenue Temple’s history!

On Sunday, October 18 at 10AM, we will be celebrating 150 years of serving God! As part of our celebration, we will be auctioning 20 bricks recovered from our current construction project.

Why Bricks?

In the book of Nehemiah, we read how average people from all sectors of life worked together to build a wall that would save the lives of their community.  It took courage, creativity and commitment. The historic bricks from our building represent the courage, creativity and commitment required by previous generations to build Grand Avenue Temple. As an owner of one of these bricks, you are standing with our spiritual predecessors and demonstrating your commitment toward continuing our vital work.

Use your brick creatively! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Put it on your mantel to open opportunities to tell others about Grand Avenue Temple.
  • Use it as a doorstop to remind yourself how important it is to keep the doors open for ministry.
  • Add it to other bricks as part of a retaining wall.

Only 20 Heritage Bricks will be auctioned, so be sure to come prepared to bid and win!