Kingdom Impact – 90 Days of Goodness

The challenge is simple: How many ways can you minister to others in 90 days? Sometimes we think ministry is only for “professionals” or requires a ton of money. Certainly, it’s great to have those who are dedicated to ministry or have deep pockets to fund social good. Yet, everyone has something to give that can make a distinct impact for the Kingdom of Christ. Perfect example—how many times has a kind word literally changed your day?

We invite you to participate in our Kingdom Impact 90 by opening up your heart and imagination to ways you can bless others in the remaining days of 2016. What are your ideas? Share them on Sunday morning or email YOU can make a real impact for the Kingdom. What will you do?

A Royal Celebration of Generosity

Where were you when the Royals’ World Series Champions Parade colored Kansas City blue? A hearty thanks to the city of Kansas City, MO, for wrapping the parade right around our block of town. It was great to be able to watch the fantastic parade from the comfort of our own doorway but we witnessed something even greater than the parade:

Generosity is a magnet for goodwill.

With hours to wait till the parade passed by, we knew people would need to use the restrooms.   The simple act of opening our doors to the thousands of parade watchers seemed like the obvious thing to do. We relished the opportunity to bless them by giving free water, cookies, golden crowns to wear, and tools to create their own parade posters. Some just needed a place to sit after standing for such a long time. Great! We have pews! Whatever we had, we were happy to share. The heart of God is generous and we were delighted to show it.

And then, a beautiful thing happened.

People were surprised and grateful for our simple acts of generosity. In turn, many lingered to learn more about the church. Our generosity gave a platform for the parade attendees to show kindness, compassion and goodwill in return. We were blessed as many dug into their wallets to share financially, even as we protested our simple gifts were free.

It was overwhelming (in every wonderful way) to see the gratitude through acts of kindness. After the parade, we continued to receive words of thanks. Here are some excerpts of emails we received:

“Thank you for opening up your church for us yesterday. My wife and I watched the parade from right outside your door yesterday. It was amazing experience to share with all Royals fans and we are thankful for your church to making it that much more memorable. From handing out water, cookies, bubbles, letting kids make posters, and even opening up your rest to the public….all of this was made our 3 hours in front of you church that much more fun. Thank you again!! “

“I wanted to take a minute to thank your church and the members of the congregation for welcoming Royals fans at the parade into your facility. Attending the parade with children it was awesome to have a safe place to use the bathroom with minimal lines. The water and activities that were provided were a great bonus as well. Thank you for being hospitable to all at the parade. Job well done!”

God is generous to us every day, every moment. Here is a simple question for us all:

What are you doing today to reflect the generosity of God?